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Equip Your Kids With The Right Tools Under The Guidance Of Expert Mentors Through Structured Workshops

Imagine, Create and Progress. Kidpreneurs of today, have the potential to aim big and achieve bigger. Kidpreneurs India(KPI) is a treasure trove of tools that enable and enhance their skills to transform their dreams into reality. KPI is managed by the world renowned Women Entrepreneurs India, an organization that works towards the empowerment and development of women entrepreneurs. Kidpreneurs India is a team of experts in all fields creative, imaginative, scientific, literary and more. Kids develop their innate skills in all or any of the fields through hands-on workshops.

Kids are a bundle of energy and talent, which when channelized, brings out their inner potential. Experiential learning from Kidpreneurs India does just that and more. We believe that the inner talents when nurtured and guided well, show amazing results and open up opportunities.

Learning can be fun and effective, when it is well organized. We, at Kidpreneurs India encourage kids to participate in various practical courses, events, competitions and workshops, to hone their talents and have fun while doing it. As talents develop, kids take to entrepreneurship like fish to water and exhibit their skills to become a successful kidpreneur. Join Kidpreneurs India and let your kids spread their wings to newer avenues.

The unique pedagogy of the workshops at Kidpreneurs India, allows the kids to choose varied skills at the same time, whether it is life skills like communication skills, personality development, interpersonal skills, etc., or skills to improve their technical capabilities, or even develop skills in natural sciences. Kids can choose to be part of one or more workshops and enjoy the interactive sessions , which are created and executed by mentors, who are experts in the field.

Enroll your child in our entrepreneurship courses and allow them to discover their worth. The content, format, and activities ensure that kids “experience entrepreneurship” in a fun and constructive way!

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At Kidpreneurs India,children between the age of 7-14 will be mentored by experts with rich experience and expertise.

Augmented Reality

Technology today, has been revolutionized beyond imagination. Augmented reality is one such tool, where the physical world is enhanced through the use of digital elements like sound, visuals and other sensory stimuli. Businesses using AR, have increased perception of their products and brands. Students achieve improved results in their subject matter through full immersion in AR and superior visualisation. KPI offers the best courses in Augmented Reality, where the students learn from the experts and gain immense practical knowledge.


Computers have taken over our lives and have made things easy for us in various fields. Children can now learn coding at an early age so that they can adapt computing to their individual classroom learning. Learning to code will help them create programmes that organize and gamify their everyday learning. Kidpreneurs India offers simple courses and workshops for kids to learn coding and apply it in their learning methods.

3D Design and Printing

3D Design and Printing course from KPI cover all the major 3D printing software, that help you create digital images and solve a great number of challenges. 3D design and printing is one the major future technologies, that help businesses to market better, cut costs and improve their efficiency. You can achieve a competitive advantage by implementing this technology in various businesses and industries.

Science Experiments

Understanding science and how things work sharpens the minds of children. Learning the why’s and how’s of science through practical science experiments leaves a clear picture of understanding in kids. Kidpreneurs India offers interactive and fun science experiment sessions for kids, where they can practice what is taught and understand why or how something works. Fun events like these help children satiate their inquisitiveness and brings them closer to science and technology.


Increased memory and concentration help the children to focus and perform better. Memory and concentration are adaptable skills, which can be learnt to succeed better in life. Kidpreneurs India offers workshops by experts to help children improve their memory and concentration. With such adapted skills, kids can now do better in studies and channelize their energy properly to achieve great things.


Theatre allows children to learn skills that help them express better and develop confidence. Stage fear is something that almost everyone nurtures, which hinders normal growth in this extroverted society. Theatre workshops are known to help kids overcome stage fear, be bold to express their feelings and eventually learn to be proficient in public skills. Kidpreneurs India organizes various Theatre workshops that allow children to explore their inner feelings and overcome introverted behaviour.

Art and Craft

Kids are the most creative people and have amazing imagination. These creative and intuitive skills when nurtured, allow children to blossom into skilful adults. Art and Craft is a broad category, under which a great number of workshops help children develop their inventiveness. Kidpreneurs India believes that art and craft are basic necessities in the process of a child’s growth and conduct a variety of workshops that develop their budding talents.


Children have an amazing sense of music and are born dancers. Some have real talent and enthusiasm to mix music and create awesome sounds that push everyone to get on their feet and groove. At Kidpreneurs India, we organize exclusive Deejaying courses for kids to enhance their abilities and explore more opportunities in acoustics and mixing of music.


Astonishing improvements in technology have allowed the camera to evolve into a highly technical instrument. Modern cameras can do wonders and portray real life in amazing visuals. Develop such niche interests in children by allowing them to take advantage of the opportunities available in the form of photography workshops. Kidpreneurs India offers expert photography workshops, where children can explore this art and learn to create masterpieces.

Kitchen Gardening

Organic gardening has a lot of importance on the health of individuals in the modern world. Kids can explore activities of kitchen gardening like planting, sowing seeds, mulching, weeding and understanding the growth cycles of various vegetable and fruit plants. We, at Kidpreneurs India conduct regular workshops to help kids be closer to nature and learn the art of kitchen gardening.


Modern lifestyle doesn’t give a lot of room for kids to play outdoors and hinders their overall development. Fitness for kids is very important as kids need to be flexible and agile for their good health. Join your kids in the Kidpreneurs India fitness programs and get them going on their feet. Let them witness fun and frolic while working out under the guidance of experts.


Flexibility and muscle strength gives kids amazing energy and also allows them to focus better on their studies. Yoga allows kids to be swift in their work and precise in their activities. Yoga also allows development of positive attitude, which impacts their performance on the whole. Kidpreneurs India conducts regular Yoga workshops for kids, where they can improve their own energy resources.


Kids have inborn talent and can swerve their body to music instantly. Music soothes the soul and indirectly helps the kids to focus better. Sense of rhythm and tone allow them to explore their creative side, and enhance their sensory abilities in language, hearing and reflexes. Kidpreneurs India gives children an opportunity to explore their creative side, by conducting music courses, both in voice and instruments.

Personality Development

A positive and energetic personality helps creating great impressions. Children can learn to be active and vocal, and imbibe important social skills necessary to become popular and prominent in their groups. Join your kids in the personality development programs conducted by Kidpreneurs India and boost their confidence levels.

Fashion designing

Kids, are you interested in creating beautiful garments, which are chic and trendy? Kidpreneurs India offers exciting workshops in Fashion Designing, where kids can experiment, and give their creativity a realistic shape. These workshops can be stepping stones to their future, and help them understand their potential in the creative field.


Calligraphy is a beautiful art form, which develops the drawing and handwriting skills in kids. Children understand the use of inks and pens, to discover a whole new world of writing the alphabet, in a very artistic and creative way. Let your kids discover their talent in this awesome form of handwriting. Join them in Calligraphy courses conducted by Kidpreneurs India.

Story telling

Kids have wonderful imagination, which does not have any bounds. Let your kids explore their oratory skills and learn amazing forms of expression through story telling. Help them learn this art of strory telling and develop their public speaking skills. Kidpreneurs India organizes regular courses in story telling by experts, where kids learn this art and use it to express themselves beautifully.


Public speaking needs a great deal of confidence, which is again earned with a great base of vocabulary. Kids can learn to entice the audience with the use of wonderful words, woven into beautiful sentences. Kidpreneurs India conducts workshops to develop the vocabulary skills of the kids, and help them develop an authority over the language. Join them now.


Kidpreneurs India hosts and conducts a ‘Entrepreneurial Bootcamp’ for kids aged 7 to 14. This week long boot camp nurtures entrepreneurship skills in kids, which when developed at an early age can make them pioneers in business. Kids become the strong future youth of the nation that can solve problems with the right strategy and approach and take the wisest of decisions.

Kidpreneurs India team

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Kidpreneurs India offers the best in the industry skill development programs for kids, that mould their entrepreneurial future and help them into realising and honing their inherent and distinctive skills.

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